Introducing ZeroDesktop Mobile Analytics

For the last four years, ZeroDesktop has been a proud world leader in the cloud computing and big data industries. We are now introducing a new service for businesses who care about smart growth: Mobile Analytics.

What is Mobile Analytics?

Mobile Analytics is a service that provides companies with customized application usage data gathered anonymously from our mobile users from around the world. Companies can use our extensive data set, featuring over 380,000 Android apps, 6,500 Android device types from 800+ of different carriers from our extensive data set, to identify trends and target areas for growth.

Why ZeroDesktop?

We believe in quality and service. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and provide customized data delivery to target their requirements.

In addition, our data comes from real users. This means that there are no external factors to influence our analytics, like with surveys or focus groups. Unlike competitors, our Android products target the average, non-tech oriented user, meaning our data better represents the actual population.

We already have updates in store for two of our data generating apps and another new product in the coming weeks. We are also working with several affiliated Android developers who have incorporated our SDK in their own apps to further expand the reach of our mobile analytics.

Who Can Benefit?

App Developers

App Developers

Track how users interact with your app and competitors’ apps. Instantly see how users respond to new features and better tailor your products to your customers.

App Developers


Track how potential investments are doing, their competitors, and industry statistics. Don’t make an investment without consulting our comprehensive dataset first.

App Developers


Get access to Android application usage data from worldwide users. Work with our team to customize your data and create easy, reliable reports.

How can we help you?

  • Create great products

    Producing great products is important, but knowing what makes a product great is another matter altogether. That’s where we can help. Our Mobile Analytics service provides customers with comprehensive data on Android user behavior, including app usage, time spent on their phones or tablets, and device unlock times -- all broken down by demographics. Use this information to better serve your audience and take your products to the next level.

  • 20/20 vision

    Uncover application trends, track competitor information, and instantly see how users are responding to new product features. Become an expert on the market you are in and create realistic growth goals. We help you make the right choices, and we provide you with the data to back them up.

  • Definitive indicators of success

    Anecdotes are useful for generating interest, but customers and investors ultimately respond to numbers. Through our Mobile Analytics, you can confidently corroborate company growth, demonstrate value, and distinguish yourself from your competition. As an investor, use our analytics to make smart investments.