Licensing opportunities to accelerate partner success

ZeroDesktop offers a variety of technology stacks, reference designs, and other capabilities to accelerate development of partner offerings

MiiPC™ Reference Design: the shared family PC with cloud-based parental control

Recently launched in a Kickstarter campaign, the MiiPC demonstrates the basic capabilities inherent in the MiiPC Android Platform Extender. By defining the entire subsystem and related software and cloud services, a manufacturer or service provider has a fast-path to releasing their own compelling Android offerings.

VISIT MiiPC.COM the cloud content navigator and mobile apps is the public version of the Cloud Service Platform available for licensing. The demonstration highlights the capabilities, the global scale, and the internal workings of the technology. Partners can leverage the entire stack, including add-ons, and can extend the offering using the comprehensive and unified set of APIs.


Cloud Services Broker

A core component of the Cloud Services Platform, the Cloud broker aggregates various public cloud storage and content repositories and provides a unified view with complete metadata and indices, crossed-cloud features like searching, sharing, editing and content mesh-up. Sources include public cloud storage like Box, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and others. Licensing this capability allows partners to minimize internal resources needed to build and maintain external APIs and indices.

Multi-cloud Direct Sync

This technology allows content stored on a flash drive to be synced automatically with cloud storage facilities transparently once connected to a PC. The technology launches a transient program that executes on the PC, connects to selected cloud storage providers, and manages the content and connection without any user interaction. Added to a service, the multi-cloud direct sync can protect users and their content more completely when they are traveling.

Cloud UniDrive

Managing content across the sheer number of cloud storage providers has always been a problem for Cloud users, especially as these vendors offer more and more inexpensive storage. The Cloud UniDrive presents the user with a single large virtual drive and manages all the storage, metadata, and complexity behind the scenes. Applications can be used “as they are” and customers gain a wealth of storage without the hassle associated with multiple repositories.

White-label Offerings

Any of the existing ZeroDesktop public offerings are available as a “white label” offering under a partner’s brand. With its experience and proven ability to deliver products to market, ZeroDesktop can help a partner bring market-defining products and services to market with limited investment and risk. The current public offerings were designed, built and market-tested with the intent of having partners adopt the solutions and drive wide market adoption.