ZeroDesktop MiiPC Android Platform Extender

Technology for delivering next-generation Android devices and systems

ZeroDesktop provides subsystems, software stacks, and infrastructure to help partners deliver next-generation Android-based offerings, like tablets, all-in-one monitors, set-top boxes, and smart TVs. The MiiPC APE extends the Android technology stack to deliver powerful new capabilities; including family cloud and media sharing, and cloud-based monitoring and parental controls.

The Solution Itself

  • Extends Android for differentiation

    ZeroDesktop extends the latest Android technology stack to deliver differentiation and new uses. Rather than leveraging "vanilla" Android or building expensive expertise in-house, ZeroDesktop capabilities allow manufacturers and OEMs to take advantage of a far broader and more compelling set of capabilities and business opportunities.

  • Enables multiuser and managed devices

    Out of the box, Android is a single-user relatively unmanaged OS. ZeroDesktops MiiPC Application Platform Extender (APE) delivers multiuser, remote management, and monitoring capabilities that allow you to build a desktop device that can be managed and monitored from within a home, a school, an office, or from a remote location. A wide variety of use cases are now possible, opening up a broad set of business and product opportunities.

  • Designed to ensure no- or low-touch post sale

    The MiiPC APE technologies were architected for a "ship and forget" model. Manufacturers and OEMs used to having little to no contact with end-users or partners after a sales can continue to operate using that model. For those looking for new or broader opportunities, the larger set of ZeroDesktop offerings can create a fully-integrated cloud experience that can rival or supplement those provided by leaders like Apple and Google.

Use Cases for Android-based differentiated devices and systems

MiiPC, the shared family PC with cloud-based remote parental controls

Recently launched on Kickstarter, The MiiPC shared family PC extends the power of the Android OS with powerful hardware to create a low-cost shared desktop PC. With its unique cloud-based parental controls and multiuser capability, MiiPC offers families and other workgroups a managed, high performance internet-connected experience.

Android All-In-One Smart Monitor

Many providers are looking to combine the best computing capabilities into easy-to-configure and easy-to-use offerings. With the MiiPC APE, partners can leverage Android to deliver an integrated desktop experience with little to no post-sales touch. ZeroDesktop capabilities make this possible with minimal internal resources.

Cloud-integrated set-top box - blending Cloud content with home entertainment

Android is an excellent platform for building the next-generation of set-top boxes and other smart entertainment devices that require a powerful embedded OS. With the expanded capabilities of the MiiPC APE blended with the ZeroDesktop Cloud Services Platform, organizations can deliver a fully integrated entertainment experience surpassing those currently available.

Dynamic and remotely controlled Digital Signage

ZeroDesktop provides the basis for an Android-based Digital Signage solution with remote control capability that dynamically pushes display content to any HDMI display device. The system can lower the total cost of ownership using an affordable Android appliance and minimizes on-going operation cost with cloud-based management and control.

Technology for differentiating Android

MiiPC APE seamlessly integrates with Android

The MiiPC APE subsystem requires no integration or on-going development work. The software runs as an application in the Android environment. The subsystem is extensively tested and used to produce the MiiPC reference device.

Powerful SDK and management capabilities

The MiiPC APE provides a tremendous amount of value "out of the box." ZeroDesktop added features like cloud-based parental controls, family cloud and media sharing capabilities, and additional monitoring capabilities. For those organizations wanting further differentiation, the MiiPC SDK allows additional customization to take advantage of specific market opportunities.

Cloud-connected for security and broader content

To ensure quality control and minimize counterfeiting and grey marketing, ZeroDesktop provides cloud verification of legitimate devices. Once activated, the cloud can continue to provide subsystem updates and on-going protection for the devices. Should a manufacturer choose to expand their offerings, the same cloud connections can be used to deliver a broader set of content and cloud workspaces services from ZeroDesktop or other sources.