01/21/2015 QualityTime for Android tracks how much you use your smartphone

01/21/2015 This Android App Shows How Much Time You Spend Using Your Phone

01/20/2015 QualityTime Is An(other) App For Quantifying Phone Usage

01/20/2015 QualityTime app Launches on Google Play Store

09/22/2014 Kids Spend More Than 3 Hours a Day on Apps

07/04/2014 Dinnertime App Allows Parents to Lock Down Kids' Phones

06/09/2014 DinnerTime App Released on Google Play Store

01/07/2014 MiiPC Continues to Redefine Family Computing

12/25/2014 MiiPC Android kid-friendly desktop review

11/04/2013 MiiPC Delivering Worldwide This Week - Power to the Parents!

07/10/2013 ZeroDesktop Launches Cloud Attach for Gmail

03/27/2013 MiiPC, The World’s First Family Android PC – Raises $50,000 Funding Target in under 24 Hours!

09/24/2012 ZeroDesktop Extends Cloud Services Brokerage Solution to iOS and Android Devices

09/17/2012 ZeroDesktop and Marvell Bring Virtual Web Desktop Alternative to Android Devices

02/12/2012 ZeroPC Expands Cloud Content Management Innovations to Mobile Market with "Photo Connect" Featuring Automatic Photo Syncing, Photo Timeline & Virtual Albums

02/06/2012 ZeroDesktop Named Finalist in SXSW Interactive Accelerator Competition in the Innovative Web Technologies Category

11/07/2011 "ZeroPC2.0" is Live -- Powerful Content Navigator for the Cloud With Universal Search for Cross-Platform Cloud Content, Secure Backup and "ZeroPC Cloud Navigator" Tablet Apps for Android and iPad

11/07/2011 An Open Letter to the ZeroPC Community from Our Founder and CEO

09/18/2011 ZeroPC: Personal Virtual Desktop in the Cloud - Disrupt 2011

08/22/2011 A New World of Virtualization with ZeroPC

08/04/2011 ZeroPC Provides Desktop in the Cloud for Enterprise Mobility

06/21/2011 ZeroPC Turns Google Chromebook into a Fully Featured Web Desktop with Familiar Windows-like Desktop User Interface

05/19/2011 ZeroPC Web Desktop Expands Deep Integration with Popular Web Storage Services and Local Computer Content

04/06/2011 A Desktop for Web Computing: A new website offers another take on moving personal computing online

02/28/2011 ZeroDesktop, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Startforce, Inc. Assets.