ZeroDesktop Cloud Service Platform

Accelerating your path to the Cloud

ZeroDesktop Cloud Service Platform<

The ZeroDesktop Cloud Services Platform is a powerful technology building block that allows partners to quickly develop and deploy new revenue streams and Cloud-enabled services that amplify their position in the cloud economy.

About the Cloud Services Platform

  • Next-generation end-user cloud workspace

    Delivers end-users with a consolidated space for working with all of their on-line content and communications. "Out of the box," the workspace offers a common interface to a variety of cloud stage services, email aggregation, and search across all user assets. The Cloud Services Platform is designed to provide a "sticky" environment to maintain and expand a given customer base.

  • Mission-critical cloud OS

    Forming the backbone of the platform offering, the ZD Cloud OS provides the system for deploying a high performance, globally scalable, and highly secure customer-facing offering. The ZDCOS drives a high quality end-user experience and provides analytics and management capabilities on which to build additional services. Additional services available with the ZDCOS include a contextual advertising engine, business analytics, and deeper integration with existing service management, customer support, and billing management systems.

  • Turnkey and fully extensible software stack

    The CSP is built to be "white labeled" and operate as an independent cloud offering hosted either by the service provider or by ZeroDesktop. It is fully brandable and ZeroDesktop supports customizations around look-and-feel, adding additional applications, and for contextual messaging and advertising. With a full set of unified APIs, partners can easily develop their own integrations and extensions.

Using the Cloud Services Platform to Deploy New Business Opportunities

Cloud Service Broker with Set-top Box Integration

Blending the power of the cloud with the home entertainment center is the new horizon. ZeroDesktop is at the forefront in working with partners to deliver this integration. By integrating both the cloud and mobile applications with a set-top box, customers can easily share images, video, and other content and providers can create unique mash-up services.

Managed Cloud Workspace and Commerce Portal with native iOS and Android access

The CSP provides specific productivity tools appropriate for end-users and the SMB to do their jobs. Rather than traditional enterprise-VDI, the ZeroDesktop offering is lightweight and includes a full set of management and monitoring capabilities that can be used by service providers and their resellers.

MiiPC Cloud-Based Parental Control: for mobile phones, tablets, all-in-one devices and set-top boxes

Highly differentiated cloud-based parental control that enables parents to remotely manage, monitor, set time limits and control of their kids’ devices (e.g. phones, tablets) from anywhere. Easy to use parental control tools & reports to detect, address and help overcome kids’ Internet and app addictiveness. MiiPC software is easily installed on target phones and tablets - no firmware changes are required. The MiiPC software solution includes companion Parental Control mobile apps.

Branded Home or Business Cloud Launchers

Incorporating a solution built for device OEMs/ODMs, the MiiPC Android Platform Extender allows a Telco to define and deliver a branded fixed or mobile compute device linked directly to a user workspace. Service providers offer a more complete and integrated user experience that leapfrogs existing offerings from other providers.

Technology Built for Global Deployment

Built to meet Service Provider requirements

The ZeroDesktop CSP was designed to meet the highest operational requirements demanded by Service Providers and Telcos worldwide. To meet business needs and the technology it supports:

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Integration
  • Customization
  • Branding

Fully modular and extensible solution

The ZD CSP was designed from the bottom up specifically to add value to the existing SP infrastructure and service offerings. ZeroDesktop allows organizations to extend existing services and amplify market positions – without building additional teams or investing large amounts of consulting or integration services.

Variety of pre-defined use cases and reference designs

ZeroDesktop supports the growth and profitability of service providers and Telcos around the world. By leveraging the basic ZD technology stack, partners find the ability to build new lines of business, better leverage existing in-house capabilities, and stave off the exodus of users to other providers.